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The SEA Wiki is based on content and extensive research in the Impact Assessment Unit at Oxford Brookes University.

Professor Riki Therivel is the author of much of the initial content and provided supervision and assistance with the development of the SEA Wiki while the United Nations University Media Studio was responsible for project coordination, design and development.

The SEA Wiki is being utilized as part of the Global Environment and Development Studies (GEDS) Masters programme of the Global Virtual University. It also currently in use at Oxford Brookes University and elsewhere to support existing educational programmes.

Given the rapidly-evolving status of SEA worldwide, the information provided in the SEA Wiki may require updating. If you are aware of more recent information, please make edits or highlight it for discussion.


United Nations University

The UNU was established in 1973 by the UN General Assembly with a mission is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are the concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States. UNU's efforts are divided into two major themes (Peace and Governance, and Environment and Sustainable Development) and the University serves as an international community of scholars; a bridge between the UN and the academic community; a think-tank for the UN system; and a builder of capacities, particularly in developing countries. The University implements its activities through a network of 13 research and training centres distributed across the globe. In 2002, the UNU set up an Online Learning unit and one year later established a Media Studio in Tokyo responsible for the development of online courses, e-case studies and other elearning products.

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is one of Britain 's top "new universities". It has about 17,000 students. The [www.brookes.ac.uk/schools/be/planning/shortcourses/media/SEA_DL_courses.pdf! Distance Learning Course in SEA] was originally developed as part of a MSc/Diploma course in Environmental Assessment and Management; an MSc/Diploma course in Environmental Management and Technology; a Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment (not distance learning); and a range of additional post-experience courses. OBU has extensive research experience on EIA and SEA in a recognised European Union EIA Centre. Its research activity was flagged as of "international standing" in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise amongst UK universities. Oxford Brookes University is also home of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, which undertakes and promotes research into sustainability in the built environment.


Content Author

Riki Therivel, Oxford Brookes University

Wiki Production

Brendan Barrett, UNU Academic Programme Officer

Gerard Brady, UNU Course Developer

Sean Wood, UNU Creative Director

David Jimenez, UNU Media Designer

Toukubo Kuoji, UNU Programmer

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